Tzimisce Male – Sabbat Sewers – The Hard Way

vampire 2013-11-07 17-55-42-718

In this video we demonstrate a completely new area which has several ways of completing it. There is the hard way, the easy way and the smart way. Tzmisce Antitibu are a new clan in the Bloodlines Antitribu Mod. See as how the male version of the clan tries to complete the area the hard […]

[Video] Scorpion Eaters – Ninjas and the Bile Shintai

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Kuei-jin group their Disciplines into several categories. The most widely known are Chi Arts, Soul Arts, Demon Arts, and Shintai Arts. Shintai Arts allow vampires to study and practice the movement of Chi through their bodies — the five Shintai (“god body”) forms are transformative arts based on the Kuei-jin elemental system of Blood (Water), […]

The Explosive Bot – Yikie’s Special Ability

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Yukie has a special talent and that is the ability to make special bombs out of Car Stereos. These bombs (knows as Explosive bots) can only be used by Yukie and when she activates them the bot will look for a near by target and explode dealing a considerable amount of damage. Discuss about it […]

New Companion – The Gargoyle – Rockbiter

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The Gargoyle – named Rockbiter – is one of your companions that can only be gained via a certain quest that involves creating your own companion with rare items found in the game. Rockbiter is smaller than the gargoyle haunting the Asian theater in Hollywood. This gargoyle is more demonic shaped and has the ability […]

The Ocean House Pander + Helicopter


The first scene is about the random hunter helicopters roaming around the city looking for suspicious activity. This makes the environment seem more alive. The second scene we have a Sabbat Pander guarding the ocean house. He is the first vampire you will fight, but since he is a pander – a sabbat thin blood […]

The Mummy’s First Arrival

mummy (1)

Mummies are immortal, even when they are raised by necromancy and vampiric magic. In order to make the mummy vulnerable you need to destroy its earthly essence hidden within the vases – which you can only see if you have high enough perception. After you destroy the vases the mummy will be vulnerable again, but […]

Gameplay – Kick

KueJin Ninja (3)

The new element in the game is kicking, in the vanilla game you could only punch, and if you hit long enough you might land a random kick, but this is different, there is now a key just for the player to kick enemies, if you kick weak enemies it will stagger them and damage […]

Tzimisce Ghouls Video Demonstration

Thorns (17)

The tzimisce ghouls (the 4 ghouls) are demonstrated in this video. If you kill them they don’t just die, they explode and deal heavy damage. The effects are more elaborate than the ones shown in the video, they do have vicissitude effects similar to the discipline that show and radiate the idea of a vicissitude […]