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New Companion – The Gargoyle – Rockbiter

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The Gargoyle – named Rockbiter – is one of your companions that can only be gained via a certain quest that involves creating your own companion with rare items found in the game.

Rockbiter is smaller than the gargoyle haunting the Asian theater in Hollywood. This gargoyle is more demonic shaped and has the ability of flight. They also posses the Visceratika discipline which grants them the ability to hide from mortal and unfriendly eyes.

When Rockbiter activates flight he will gain wings that will let him make very big leaps, meaning he can jump much much higher, which grants him a flight like ability.

Rockbiter is also immune to fire, and bullets have inflict very little damage on him. However melee (specially objects with bashing damage) deal a greater damage on the gargoyle. All this benefits are granted because of his stone skin, however this also causes him to mover very slowly when walking.

You can see how him in action in the following video. (its a long video so try to watch it completely in full screen)

New Companion – The Gargoyle – Rockbiter – Mod DB

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