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Sabbat – Tzimisce Ghouls – The Thorns

Common NPCs, PC/NPCs ,

The Thorns are the female tzimisce ghouls, they are the masochist slaves of their masters, their main course and hence they are well protected, either by their brother ghouls or the tzimisce crawlers. They also carry more conventional weapons compared to others, the Taser (that deals electric damage) is one of them.

The Tzimisce ghouls are loyal servants of the Tzimisce, the consumption of the fiends have drove them into limits of insanity and sadistic actions . . . but its not only the blood they have taken from their cruel masters, there is an essence, the tzimisce final touch. That touch makes them even more dangerous.

Before they die, they won’t just die, they will viciously explode, their organs will fly away and the explosion will cause a bust that will damage the player severely if they are too close.


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