Neutral – Goth Civilians

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Goths . . . the opposite of Emo’s (Goth Posers) can be found plenty in the streets of L.A. but they are often seen around clubs. Although misunderstood at times, they are not what other people make them out to be, but in the end . . . who really cares? to you they are […]

Neutral – Emo Civilians

Female Emo

The year 2004 was the pinnacle of Growth in popularity for the Emo culture. By then the Emo life L.A. was completely Mainstreamed. Be warned though, their blood is filled with anti-depressants and it will taste funny and uncommon to common vampires.

The Ninth Circle – The Infected

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The mysterious disease is now spreading trough unconventional means and causing a sort of flue that damages the brain. The infected are not really zombies although after the disease has run its full course they will appear to be. The secret lies with the one who spread the disease – he is a lunatic who […]

The Ninth Circle – Shepherd of the Damned

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The Ninth Circle – a mysterious cult responsible for the plague has now come full-force to protect their haven from being raided by the fledgling vampire. The cult members are known as The Shepherd of the Damned, and their goals and motivations are unknown to mortals, only known fact is that their blood contains the […]

[Video] Scorpion Eaters – Ninjas and the Bile Shintai

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Kuei-jin group their Disciplines into several categories. The most widely known are Chi Arts, Soul Arts, Demon Arts, and Shintai Arts. Shintai Arts allow vampires to study and practice the movement of Chi through their bodies — the five Shintai (“god body”) forms are transformative arts based on the Kuei-jin elemental system of Blood (Water), […]

Scorpion Eaters – The Sea Monkeys

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The Vampires of the East are indeed resourceful, however it is not only the KueiJin you should worry about – there are also others the scorpion eaters who survive on tainted chi and hence possess Bile Shinati. You will meet these creatures in a brand new location, with its brand new quest – which is […]

KueiJin – The Elite Ninjas

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The Ninjas are the powerful hand of the KueiJin, they strike from the shadows and have powers that help them stay concealed. Now they have been revamped, and look much better. They quality gear (better textures) and a new ability – they can now throw Kunai which they can throw around with their telekinetic ability. […]