Tzimisce Male – Sabbat Sewers – The Hard Way

vampire 2013-11-07 17-55-42-718

In this video we demonstrate a completely new area which has several ways of completing it. There is the hard way, the easy way and the smart way. Tzmisce Antitibu are a new clan in the Bloodlines Antitribu Mod. See as how the male version of the clan tries to complete the area the hard […]

The Mummy’s First Arrival

mummy (1)

Mummies are immortal, even when they are raised by necromancy and vampiric magic. In order to make the mummy vulnerable you need to destroy its earthly essence hidden within the vases – which you can only see if you have high enough perception. After you destroy the vases the mummy will be vulnerable again, but […]

The Anarch Haven – Last Round


The Last Round is now renewed there are more NPC hanging out of the bar, guarding the door, attacking or provoking them will cause the player to end up having more holes than a cheese grater. Inside the bar is no less crowded than the outside, you can now attack people, its not Elysium anymore, […]