Tzimisce Male – Sabbat Sewers – The Hard Way

vampire 2013-11-07 17-55-42-718

In this video we demonstrate a completely new area which has several ways of completing it. There is the hard way, the easy way and the smart way. Tzmisce Antitibu are a new clan in the Bloodlines Antitribu Mod. See as how the male version of the clan tries to complete the area the hard […]

Shā Wùjìng – The Water Demon

Sha Wujing (11)

Among the new quests introduced in the Bloodlines Antitribu mod, there are going to be new levels as well. One of which involves a level submerged in water. You then encounter the water demon Shā Wùjìng Guarding something important. Killing him is no easy fit, as he is very fast underwater – and being submerged […]

The Mummy’s First Arrival

mummy (1)

Mummies are immortal, even when they are raised by necromancy and vampiric magic. In order to make the mummy vulnerable you need to destroy its earthly essence hidden within the vases – which you can only see if you have high enough perception. After you destroy the vases the mummy will be vulnerable again, but […]

Army of the Dead – The Lich – Devourer of Sanity


Xphtli Shoggoth, Devourer of Sanity Age: Unknown Species: Lich (formerly Human) Sect: Nephandi (K’llasshaa) Quote: “Welcome the true rulers of this world, the Lords of the Outer Dark, with fear and bloodshed.” Very little is known about this enigmatic figure. When the Ankaran Sarcophagus was brought to Santa Monica a deep feeling of dread permeated […]

Army of the Dead – Knights


Knights, a once noble warriors are now one of the Liches most powerful line of defense. They are usually considered mini bosses, and very hard to kill. when we say mini boss means that he is protected by all other ranks in a orderly fashion. there are 2 types, one knows as the Silver Knight […]

The Army of the Dead – Squires


Squires are the Melee Lead of a Footmen group, they are as though as 3 footmen put together, and are trickier to put down. Their main task is to over see a group of footmen, they use heavy but slow melee attacks. They have a powerful armor that is equivalent in defense as fortitude 2. […]

The Army of the Dead – Archer

Archer Black

The archers the the ranged every army has, easy to take down, but you cant expect them to all stand in one place, now do you ? no, they are tricky, imagine if there are 4 of them in a room they will all go to the four corners and try to keep distance from […]

The Army of the Dead – Footman and Soldier


They are the True Expendables, they are alot, and are most of the time crawling all over the place, they are focused on melee attack and are easy to dispose of. The Footmen are tougher since they are wearing armor. but do consider that their purpose is to prevent the player to focus on the […]