Tzimisce Male – Sabbat Sewers – The Hard Way

vampire 2013-11-07 17-55-42-718

In this video we demonstrate a completely new area which has several ways of completing it. There is the hard way, the easy way and the smart way. Tzmisce Antitibu are a new clan in the Bloodlines Antitribu Mod. See as how the male version of the clan tries to complete the area the hard […]

[Video] Scorpion Eaters – Ninjas and the Bile Shintai

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Kuei-jin group their Disciplines into several categories. The most widely known are Chi Arts, Soul Arts, Demon Arts, and Shintai Arts. Shintai Arts allow vampires to study and practice the movement of Chi through their bodies — the five Shintai (“god body”) forms are transformative arts based on the Kuei-jin elemental system of Blood (Water), […]

The Explosive Bot – Yikie’s Special Ability

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Yukie has a special talent and that is the ability to make special bombs out of Car Stereos. These bombs (knows as Explosive bots) can only be used by Yukie and when she activates them the bot will look for a near by target and explode dealing a considerable amount of damage. Discuss about it […]