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The Rise of Antitribu

August 16, 2011


Hello to all dear Antitribu Fans, I am proud to present the new and true home of Bloodlines Antitirbu. This will be the home to the mod, and all its updates.

The Cause

You might wonder, why did we change to a new home, why the new site is in form of a blog/site? There are a lot of reasons, and let me tell you the most important ones.

  1. Updates: ever wondered why the updates were slow? why we had them very infrequently? thats because there was no easy way for me to post them, the forum wasn’t close enough and moddb was too messy. But here, I can post everything with a few clicks, and in better thumbnails.
  2. Order: Simply put it, I hate Chaos, ModDb is a great place but only allows me to post pictures on a chronological order, and that is not how I wanted things to be, I wanted every thing to be in specific categories and sub-categories, to have meaning, and be easy for users to find those updates, ModDB is good for a “sample” page, but in no way its suitable for the updates. The forum could handle the organization part but it was not easy to access, and that was a turn off.
  3. Accessibility: As I said in the last point the ease of use was a major factor, but there is also another thing to access the right item at the right time, for instance the bloodlines progress bar, that is now a major page, while the normal updates are posted in the front page and go on as new ones come in, but they can be accessed with a few keywords or by a few clicks on the right category.
  4. Completeness: Ever thought to yourself “that’s it? one picture? we need more!” here on the site we will provide you full galleries of pictures, not just a few pictures. why? because no longer I have to slave over the computer in order to put text and title on pictures so that I can give more sense to the viewer, here I can list all of them easily.
  5. Multi-Branding: I always had this problem, I post a video and I can’t put it in one category, because it show cases many things and that would ruin the feng shui. But here I can assign one post to several categories, hence its indexed and accessed accordingly.
  6. Traceability: Sometimes you just cant trace the updates, what is new? what is old? what is the latest? and then again how can see them all in a certain category? all that can be traced now in this new site.

The Future

What now? how can this help us? or help you? this will help you follow the mod in a more organized fashion, and it will help us keep you informed in the same manner, but much faster and much more complete this time.