[Video] Scorpion Eaters – Ninjas and the Bile Shintai

Kuei-jin group their Disciplines into several categories. The most widely known are Chi Arts, Soul Arts, Demon Arts, and Shintai Arts. Shintai Arts allow vampires to study and practice the movement of Chi through their bodies — the five Shintai (“god body”) forms are transformative arts based on the Kuei-jin elemental system of Blood (Water), Bone (Metal), Jade (Earth), Flesh (Wood), and Ghost-flame (Fire). Chi Arts allow Kuei-jin to evoke internal and ambient Chi for various purposes. Soul arts allow Kuei-jin to channel and master their Hun and P’o souls. Finally, Demon Arts are special powers unique to the Kuei-jin’s dark side of the soul.

Over the decades, the Scorpion Eaters have studied the Shintai powers fueled by their unique diet. Called the Bile Shintais, they encompass five unique Arts, each one roughly analogous to one of the five elemental Shintais practiced by other Kuei-jin. Scorpion Eaters can’t learn these normal Shintais, aside from Demon Shintai and Bile Shintai. Conversely, other Kuei-jin can’t learn Bile Shintai unless they abandon their Dharma, undergo the Eating the Scorpion Rite, and become Scorpions.

In such cases, points in existing Shintai Arts don’t transfer to the equivalent Bile Shintais; they are lost and the student must begin learning anew. Tainted Chi interacts with the body in a fundamentally different way from pure Chi, and the techniques for one aren’t applicable to the other. Storytellers, however, may rule otherwise.

The five regular Shintais (Blood, Bone, Flesh, Ghost-Flame, and Jade) are unavailable to Scorpion Eaters: The ingestion of tainted Chi makes their use impossible. The Scorpion Eaters, however, possess twisted versions of these Arts. Burning, Decay, Disease, Poison and Radiation. Whether this is a corruption of the god bodies or a secret gift from the Yama Kings to further their own agendas remains unknown. Knowing the Yama Kings, however, the latter is likelier.

In the following video you can see the Ninjas (that are partly composed Scorpion Eaters) use their Shintai. There is also some use of the Chi Arts that are used by KueiJin Ninjas: